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10 Quick Tips for Successful Exam Preparation

10 Quick Tips for Successful Exam Preparation

‘Nervousness, anxiety, stomach cramps, insomnia’ — these stressors perfectly describe the conditions of candidates a night before the exams!

Exams are unpleasant yet inevitable truths that serve as a gateway to our prospects and careers. Be it school, high school, university, or a civil service position, exams are mandatory to clear to progress in our careers smoothly. While exam time is stressful and excruciating for students, following a study strategy can help your sinking ship reach the bay successfully.

So, if you have an upcoming exam, this blog is just for you! Here, we’ve compiled some tips that will help you excel in the exam.

Tip # 01: Start Your Exam Preparation Early

While some students thrive with last-minute preparations, it isn’t a recommended approach to ace exams. Therefore, always remember to start your exam preparation early.

Starting preparation early also provides you with ample time to review the subjects you find the most challenging. According to a study, intermittent learning of the topics is essential to memorize facts. So, starting early gives you more time to retain the content in your mind.

Tip # 02: Organize and De-Clutter Your Study Space

Do you know that a disorganized and cluttered study space impacts a person’s productivity? Therefore, before you sit down to start your exam preparation, make sure to organize and de-clutter your study space.

Notebooks and a laptop on a study tableSecondly, find a quiet place with little or no distractions at all. Make sure your phone is on silent and somewhere away from your desk. There’s no music playing in the background, as it makes it difficult to grasp concepts.

Thirdly, illuminate your room with sufficient natural or artificial light to prevent eye strain. Additionally, make arrangements for proper ventilation.

Finally, invest in an appropriate study table and chair. Studying on a couch all day might lead to ergonomic issues, like back pain, poor postures, muscle sprains, etc.

Tip # 03: Set a Study Plan

While many people have different approaches to exam preparation, a study plan is a must! It provides a comprehensive strategy to undertake effective learning.

According to a Harvard study, setting goals increases the likelihood of a person’s success by ten times than those without goals. So, consider the following factors when you determine your study targets:

  • Difficulty levels of different topics
  • Leave the last two weeks for revision
  • Cover the entire syllabus within the preparation time

Setting study goals compels you to spend a few hours every day until the exam day toward learning. It also lets you compare your performance with the set targets to see your preparation progress.

Tip # 04: Solve Past Papers

While you may familiarize yourself with the concepts, you can’t retain them well unless you practice mock exams and past papers.

Practicing old exams is one of the effective ways to prepare efficiently for an exam. Be it’s a CFA exam, NYS court officer exam, or SATs, practicing past papers allows you to understand the format and question types you can expect in your exam. Moreover, it helps you manage your time effectively.

Tip # 05: Prepare Notes

One of the critical exam tips is preparing notes for reference. If you read something for the first time, highlight important points and jot them down in a separate notebook. When exams are around the corner, you won’t have to study all the lengthy chapters again. This notebook will help you refresh your concepts quickly.

A person writing notes in a notebookTip # 06: Utilize Diagrams, Visual Aids, and Flowcharts

It’s no wonder if we say that visual representation, such as diagrams, flowcharts, and graphics help retain concepts quicker than simple text-based learning. It’s because when you draw images & pictures, it triggers your memory receptors in the brain that form connections and help you learn different things for a longer time.

In addition to this, visual representation of concepts improves understanding and helps summarize concepts effectively.

Tip # 07: Eat Nutritious Food and Stay Hydrated

When you study, your body consumes a lot of energy. Therefore, eat nutritious and healthy food to maintain your focus and concentration levels. Additionally, a healthy diet enhances the immune system that prevents you from catching infections and getting sick. So, you can take the exam in a healthy state.

Vegetables and steak on a white plate

Additionally, drink plenty of water while studying. It ensures proper oxygen supply to your brain and prevents headaches. Water keeps your body hydrated and contributes to an overall positive mood.

Tip # 08: Take Frequent Breaks and Get Proper Sleep

While long hours of continued study may seem workable for many people, it doesn’t guarantee increased productivity always!

A recent study indicated that the optimal time for continuous study is two hours! Therefore, you should take regular breaks. These breaks increase long-term retention of knowledge and learning productivity.

Tip # 09: Study in Groups

While many people take group study sessions for group hangouts, they can be extremely effective if you stay focused to attain the purpose — discussing problems and finding solutions!

Studying with friends or classmates help us in two ways:

  • It allows us to assess our preparation; and
  • It helps us solve questions we can’t on our own.

Tip # 10: Don’t Hesitate to Take Exam Preparation Help from Professionals

If you experience difficulty understanding a topic, don’t hesitate to reach out to professional institutes regarding help and preparation material. They have proper course material, practice exams, and other exam-related tips that will increase the likelihood of your success in exams.

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