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10 Tips to Pass the Civil Service Exam

10 Tips to Pass the Civil Service Exam

Many individuals aspire to get a job in civil service due to their rewarding benefits. However, out of the thousands of candidates applying for the exam, very few ace it successfully. So, how can individuals improve their likelihood of clearing the examination?

Before you start reading the tips, it’s important to note that there’s no single general civil service test for jobs in the federal government. Instead, all tests are specialized and set according to the duties and responsibilities of the job.

Here, we’ve compiled some tips to pass the civil service exams in three parts:

  • Registering for the exam
  • Preparing for the assessment
  • Taking the civil service exam

Registering for the Exam

Here are some tips to follow when registering for the civil service exam.

1. Visit the Government’s Website for the Exam’s Official Dates

Since civil service exams are administered individually across the states, keep visiting the official government website for test dates’ announcements. Many tests like the court officer exam or sanitation exam are offered every four or six years. So, keep an eye out for those important dates, as clearing the test is a prerequisite before getting appointed to a civil service position.

2. Review the Eligibility Criteria

Almost all civil service exams in the US are open to individuals above 18 years of age, but it’s better to review the eligibility criteria in detail before applying. The additional conditions may be related to the desired education, license, residency, or citizenship.

For instance, you need to be a New York State resident to apply for the NYS court officer exam.

3. Submit the Application Form and Required Documents

If you’re eligible to apply, move forward with submitting the application and other required official documents. The testing authorities may require a high school certificate/diploma/license to confirm eligibility. So, gather everything.

A person signing the documents4. Pay the Fee

At the final stage of your application submission, you’ll have to pay the fee. The testing fee varies across different states. But keep at least $30 if you intend to apply for the NYS court officer exam or other civil service exams in the state.

Preparing for the Exam

Here are some tips to prepare successfully for the civil service exam.

5. Set a Study Schedule

Setting a study schedule is the first step to preparing for the civil service exam. Therefore, make a timetable allocating different subjects a specified period coverage. If you’re reading something for the first time, make notes. These notes will help you later in revision.

Setting a study schedule helps you in three ways:

  • You get to cover the whole syllabus and manage to take time out for revision;
  • You’re continuously motivated to attain goals, so you’ll study daily;
  • You don’t cram or stress out at the last minute.

6. Focus on Grammar and Language Skills

Language is a critical component in every civil service exam.

A way to improve your language and grammar is to read a lot, from newspapers to books to magazines.

While the curriculum for the civil service exams varies with the test, here are some other necessary skills you should prepare:

  • Problem-solving mathematic questions
  • Reading and writing ability
  • Logical and reasoning skills
  • Coding
  • Clerical duties, such as data entry, organizing, answering phone calls, etc.

7. Download/Purchase an Online Guide

Thousands of study material and review guides are available online from credible sources like Kaplan, Mometrix, and other sources. You can take help from them as they contain sample exam questions.

A notebook and a laptop on the table8. Enroll in Exam Prep Classes

Enrolling in exam prep classes is the most effective way to ace the civil service exams. It’s because you get face-to-face assistance from the tutors/teachers, which is the most interactive and productive form of guidance.

Moreover, institutes like Civil Service Success, offering prep classes for civil service exams, offer past papers and useful insight that is extremely helpful for practice. Remember, it’s the practice that increases the likelihood of an individual’s success in the exam.

Taking the Civil Service Exam

Finally, here are some tips to follow before the exam day.

9. Sleep well and have a Healthy Diet before the Exam

A healthy mind and body are crucial to a candidate’s success in a civil service exam. If you feel sick, you won’t be able to give your best.

Follow these tips to be the most productive on the exam day:

  • Take at least 8 hours of proper sleep regularly for a few weeks before the exam;
  • Maintain a nutritious diet to prevent GIT illnesses;
  • Have a stomach-satiating meal before leaving for the exam; and
  • Don’t forget to keep a water bottle or any other non-alcoholic drink to keep yourself hydrated during the exam.

10. Arrive Early at the Examination Center

Finally, reaching early to the test center is better than running late crippled with anxiety. Some testing authorities disqualify the candidates or reschedule their exams if they don’t arrive on time. So, prepare your travel plans at least two days before the exam!

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