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4 Steps for Acing Your Civil Service Aptitude Test

4 Steps for Acing Your Civil Service Aptitude Test

Did you think your days of taking tests were over when you left school?

As many as 76% of the organizations in the U.S. with over a hundred employees rely on complex assessment tools such as personality and aptitude tests when hiring new staff.

Over the next few years, assessment tests will become compulsory for almost 90% of all junior and senior position recruitment processes.

Civil Service Aptitude Tests

When it comes to the coveted civil service positions in the country, aptitude tests have become an essential part of the screening process to shortlist candidates for various positions. The government uses well-designed tests with specific questions to identify people with the best skills and traits for the job in question.

The assessment tests allow them to test prospective employees in the following areas:

  • Competence
  • Work Ethics
  • Emotional intelligence

The tests comprise of carefully worded scenarios to determine the response of the individuals for each question. This helps them evaluate the applicants’ ability to handle various situations and measure their responses against acceptable company practices.

Acing the Aptitude Tests:

As with any exam, there is a simple formula that can help you ace your aptitude test.

Here are some simple steps that you can follow to give yourself the best possible chance for your test:

Develop The Right Mindset:

One of the first things that you need to make sure is that you are in the right mindset before appearing for the aptitude test. Stressing about failing will increase your chances of messing everything up. Positive thoughts and getting proper rest before your tests can help you tackle the test more efficiently.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practicing through mock questions and familiarizing yourself with the pattern and material will significantly improve your confidence, accuracy, and speed. It will also give you an edge over the other applicants and you will feel more comfortable and relaxed during the test.

Research shows that practice is the best way to boost your scores on pretty much any kind of test. Get yourself enrolled in preparation classes with expert instructors or look up mock tests online.

Be Yourself

Most assessment centers have several anti-cheating measures in place that can detect fake or anomalous responses. This means that if you try to portray a side of you that doesn’t exist, you are most likely going to fail the aptitude test.

Keep your responses as honest as possible and stay true to yourself. This way, when you ace your test, you’ll know that you’ll be a good fit for the organization.

Learn To Manage the Timings

Most people fail the aptitude test because of their inability to manage the timings. Often candidates get stuck on a particular question and spend a disproportionately long time on it. As a result, they have to rush through the rest of the test to get is competed in time.

Try keeping a stopwatch with you when you practice for the test and time yourself for each question. Make sure you spend equal amounts of time on all questions for the best results!

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