6 Reasons You Should Become a Police Officer

6 Reasons You Should Become a Police Officer

Ever wonder about a job outside of a cubicle or boring office? Ever imagined yourself in a profession with some adventure and a sense of duty? There is no better prospect than becoming a police officer.

To protect and serve – that is the motto of the NYPD; and acing your police exam will surely help you serve your citizens!

A child wearing a police uniform children’s costumeA police officer job isn’t just a meaningful job but also a rewarding one. Why else would so many sign-up to put their lives only on the line every day? It’s the career prospects, the general scope, the perks and other reasons why aspirants are .

So let’s talk about why some people join the NYPD and why you should start preparing for the county police test now.

A Career In Criminal Justice

Almost all law enforcement agencies have an age limit for people to begin in the field. For example, the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, and US Border Patrol, all have an age limit of 37. This means that if you’re looking to switch careers or just found your calling now, forget about the Government man suits.

However, the NYPD and most police departments in the country have no age limit to enroll in the academy.

You only need to have a high school diploma (GED), a valid driver’s license, and should be over 21 years of age, and have US citizenship to apply for the job. Of course, you also need to pass the written and physical exams to qualify to become a cop.

But once you get your uniform, you can work your way up in the police department or branch out to other fields like a sheriff, investigator, and several other state and local law enforcement professions.

Job Mobility

Police officers are needed in every town and city obviously, so you can set your sights on becoming a cop just about anywhere you want. Understandably, there’s a higher need for police officers in more densely populated areas like big cities.

A member of the NYPD on his department motorcycleAnd in case you want to move somewhere else in the future, you’ll already have the qualification and experience to transition into the local police department there. This type of job mobility benefits your career growth.


If you’re good at being a police officer, you’ll surely be compensated for your dedication and effort. Your efficiency and diligence are reflected in your paycheck. In fact, as of 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics put the average annual salary of a police officer and sheriff at $57,000.

Furthermore, since pay increments are frequently based on seniority, police officers get paid more if they have a longer tenure at the department. And depending on local governments, some departments even offer overtime pay to police officers.

Along with the compensation, the benefits of the job are very attractive too. These include retirement packages, health insurance, and other benefits that are not available in the private sector. So that civil service test that you agonized over, will pay off yet again.


Also unique in the profession is the opportunity for upward mobility and branching out. With sufficient experience, a police offer can advance to the detective grade, or become a criminal investigator or sheriff. This will also bring a further pay raise.

Be a Hero

There aren’t many professions where you get to save lives. But police officers are first responders get to save lives and help their communities every day. Dealing with medical emergencies, pulling people out of danger, fending off perpetrators, are all things to feel good about as a cop.

Just the presence of a police officer, ready to enforce the law, is enough to prevent crime in the area. In fact, police officers continue saving lives every minute of the day!

Never a Dull Day

Furthermore, the variety of the job keeps things interesting. For many, this alone is a good reason to join the ranks. With the different types of tasks given to police officers, you’ll never feel it’s groundhog day.

Pedestrians out front of an NYPD precinctOf course, the occasional paperwork is necessary, but that’s a small price to pay for the everyday adventure you’ll have in the field. No other professional lets you experience things the way being a cop does.

Option to Retire Early

Risking your life for your fellow men should earn you respect and comfort in life. And it surely does. With very lucrative retirement packages and pensions funds, you have the option to put in your 20 years on the job and retire early. So if you join up at a young age of 21, you could retire earlier than most professions at 41 or 46.

However, after a lifetime of being a cop, most police officers find it more appealing to serve their community. The option to retire early is still there where you take it or not. The ones who do retire early can easily start a new career elsewhere like K-9 training for the NYPD. Since they are still visibly young enough to contribute, prospective employers also feel at ease hiring former cops.

So if you’re thinking of becoming a police officer, you might need help in taking the Suffolk County police test.

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