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7 Common FAQs For Civil Service Hiring In New York

7 Common FAQs For Civil Service Hiring In New York

New York Civil Services offers numerous rewarding career opportunities to individuals from all sorts of backgrounds. The civil service jobs are highly coveted due to the numerous benefits and perks offered by government agencies. The benefits include deferred compensation, competitive pay, career growth, job security, pensions, health and dental, vacation and paid time off, paid holidays, sick days, maternity leaves, retirement plans, and much more.

With so many perks and high demand for civil service positions, it can be challenging to get hired. The New York Government has various written, oral, and physical tests for different departments that you need to pass before you are offered a position. According to statistics, thousands of job seekers pay nearly $10 million to take civil service exams each year, but only a few get the necessary scores to get hired. The New York sanitation department alone gets over 10,000 job applications but only hires around 500 people a year.

However, with a reduction of over 800,000 jobs in the private sector due to the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for civil service positions is at an all-time high. The unemployment rate for New York has gone up to 18.3% as of May 2020. With many people being laid off each day and more people on the verge of getting laid off from their jobs, many people are looking into the process of getting hired by the government.

The civil service hiring process is not exactly complicated, but there are certain questions that most people have, especially in light of the pandemic. Here are some of the most common questions people have regarding the NYS Dept. of Civil Service:

Q1: Why Should I Prefer Working For New York State Instead of Private Sector Companies?

This is the first question many people ask when considering working for New York State. One of the biggest reasons why civil service jobs are better than the private sector is the level of stability they offer. Even during a recession, the rate of layoffs for New York State employees is less than 1%. Apart from that, there are many additional benefits that are usually not available to entry-level employees in the private sector. There is also a variety of geographic locations offered to NYS workers, along with competitive salaries.

Q2: How Has the Pandemic Impacted the State Government and Hiring Process?

The pandemic has affected almost all aspects of the government as well as most major industries across the United States. All hiring and promotion exams scheduled from march 17 onwards have been halted for the first time since the 1970s. The government has enacted a hiring freeze for all positions that aren’t related to public safety or the coronavirus pandemic crisis. However, the state is still granting exceptions on a case-by-case basis, and the hiring process for agencies such as the sanitation department and police officers is still continuing according to schedule.

Q3: Which Position in The NYS Has A Better Chance for Me to Get Hired?

The best chance of getting hired is to look for a position and agency that is always hiring. Even with the hiring freeze, certain positions are exempted due to the nature of the job and their importance for public safety and health. One of these positions is correction officers who are always being hired partly because of the high turnover rate. Aids are also being hired all the time for people with physical disabilities or mental illnesses.

Q4: How Does the NYS Determine Who Is Qualified to Sit for An Exam?

An applicant for any civil service position is required to complete an NYS application form and provide all the necessary information regarding their education and prior experience as per the form. The information provided is then reviewed by the state against the mandatory qualifications and requirements of the position before the applicant is allowed to sit for the exam.

Q5: Can I Take the Exam Again If I Don’t Get the Necessary Scores on The First Attempt?

There is no limit to the number of times you can apply and sit for an exam for a civil service position. However, you need to meet the minimum qualification requirement before you can take the exam again. It is also important to score high on the first attempt to secure the position you want, as there is no guarantee that the position will be available for your next attempt. There is also a long wait if you want to take the exam again. For example, the New York Department of Sanitation does not allow applicants to take the exam until four or more years after their first attempt.

Q6 Does Anyone Get Preference During the NYS Hiring Process?

There are several people who get preference for New York State position. Veterans receive extra points on tests and get a preference for hiring if but are only allowed to use the advantage once. Injured or disabled veterans receive double the points compared to regular veterans. People placed on a preferred list for rehiring when they were laid off from an NYS position or if they left the job with residual job rights, they also get preference.

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