7 Reasons to Work for the Government

7 Reasons to Work for the Government

According to Statista, around 19.8 million people worked for the US state and local governments in 2020. This huge number of employees makes the government one of the largest sectors in terms of employment in America. Although you’ll hear many people complain about how poor the quality of government jobs is, it is not true.

Working for the government is a no-brainer. The perks and benefits are amazing, there is a lot of scope for growth, and you get to repay your country by serving it. Would so many people work for the government if the jobs were so bad? Not at all. Let’s take a deeper look into the benefits and advantages that you can reap working as a government employee:

Stability and Security

This is one of the main reasons why people prefer government jobs over private jobs. Government jobs are very much stable and secure as compared to corporate jobs. People working in the private job sector are also more likely to get affected if the company suffers a drawback. These consequences could include salary reduction, termination, or in the worst-case scenario, closure of the company.

Private corporations are more likely to go out of business if the economic situation gets too bad, which is not the case with the government. Also, private companies are always on the lookout for employees with a better skillset than their current employees do. This means that if someone with a better skillset comes along, you are most likely to get replaced and offered a position much lower in terms of status and salary or get fired if you don’t agree.

In the government sector, this is unlikely to happen. In such cases, you are most likely to get transferred to another department that perfectly matches your experience and skillset.

Salary Is Great

This is no hidden fact that government jobs offer a great salary. Recent graduates and fresh joiners can earn up to $33,000 a year, and it only increases from here. Government jobs also pay more in terms of wages per hour when compared to private jobs. Every year, government salaries are revised, and there is a lot of scope for growth if your performance is up to par.

A civil service officer counting her salaryGreater Benefits

Working for the government has a lot of great benefits that you won’t get in any other sector, such as health insurance, life insurance, social security, and long-term care insurance. The FEHBP offers great health insurance plans for current and ex-employees that offer coverage for you and your entire family.

On the other hand, the FLTCIP also offers coverages for all government employees who can no longer perform their tasks and duties due to any injury, disability, or illness. It makes sure they are well-compensated for their services towards their country.

Work-Life Balance

This is also one of the reasons why people prefer working for the government. Unlike private companies, the government offers paid leaves for all of its employees regardless of their seniority. Many people working in the private sector complain about the fact that they are often required to work on paid leaves; this is not the case for government employees.

For them, paid leave means spending more time with their families and away from work which allows them and their brain to rest and recharge, improving their mental health.

Study While You Work

The government offers some of the best schooling options for its employees trying to complete their education while working. The government helps its employees register and apply for some of these schools through various career counseling agencies formed by the government. Also, the government offers loans at great interest rates for its employees to pay off their schooling fees and scholarship opportunities, helping people progress in life.

More Days Off

Government employees are granted far more paid vacations and holidays than private employees. They receive up to ten days of paid leaves every year and thirteen days of sick leave. Also, the government grants its employees an additional thirteen to twenty-six days of vacations in a year which private companies do not.

These day-offs give their employees an essential break from working all year long, allowing them to re-energize themselves, which helps them work better and more efficiently.

Jobs For Everyone

A common misconception about government jobs is that only a background in political sciences can enter the government sector, which is not true. There are so many different departments that come under the government that there are enough jobs to accommodate people relevant to their educational background.

Looking To Get A Government Job?

Government jobs have very attractive benefits and packages, making them the first preference for many people. However, getting a government job is not the easiest of tasks. You must be able to meet certain criteria that make you eligible for a government job. There are background checks done to judge what kind of a civilian you were and if you caused any trouble or broke any laws.

NYS court officer in the office at his desk with a laptop and a cup of coffee.Once you clear all that, then comes the exams for the job. These examinations are not easy by any chance. They require thorough learning and understanding, requiring a candidate to spend a good amount of time preparing for them.  Although all of this might be sounding pretty daunting, don’t worry. Organizations like Civil Service Success exist to help students with such problems.

We have been successfully training and helping candidates with civil service exams like firefighter department exams, police exams, NYC sanitation officer exams, and court officer exams to help them land federal jobs such as  New York State Court Officer &NYC Sanitation Worker.

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