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8 Benefits of Working for the Federal Government

8 Benefits of Working for the Federal Government

Federal government employees play a vital role in almost every American’s life. From addressing social issues to solving economic problems, the whole nation depends on their work and performance.

The federal government currently employs about 2.1 million individuals in different sectors, including law enforcement, court proceedings, firefighting, finance, science, sanitation, etc. These jobs offer security and competitive compensation plans.

Are you looking for employment opportunities offered by the federal government? Read on to learn the top benefits of working for the federal government.

Benefit # 01 Competitive Salary/Pay

One of the factors that matter significantly when evaluating a job offer is the salary/pay. Many people believe that FED employees earn lesser salaries compared to their private counterparts. This perception is misleading because federal employees have a higher likelihood of earning $100,000 more than private employees annually.

Moreover, individuals with high qualifications and work experience can expect a steady rise in their salaries every year. The local state employees’ salaries have been increasing by $4.78 for every $1 increase in a private employee salary since 1980.

Generally, a fresh graduate can attain a position with annual pay of around $32,000 to $42,000. But, if you’re interested in learning more about the exact salaries of FED employees, you can access these salary tables published by OPM.

Benefit # 02 Generous Benefits

In addition to competitive pay, federal government jobs also offer other generous benefits, such as health insurance, life insurance, retirement benefits, and social security benefits.

Health Benefits

Under federal health insurance plans, the government pays about 75 percent of the insurance premium for its employees. The employees pay 25 percent themselves. This is a huge benefit as it covers significant medical expenses. Furthermore, you can continue to benefit from this health insurance plan even after your retirement. In addition to complying with certain conditions, the federal government will continue paying the 75 percent premium amount.

Retirement Benefits

Finally, the federal government provides its employees with the best retirement annuity plan, which is calculated using the three years’ highest salary. Moreover, you can also retire early (at 55 years) and enjoy all lifetime retirement perks.

A person counting salaryBenefit # 03 Career Opportunities in Several Fields

Another interesting benefit of working for the federal government is that they offer jobs in several fields. So, whether you want to become an accountant or have an interest in the biology field, federal government jobs have got you covered.

There are multiple job opportunities in different public sectors offering varying levels of interest and expertise. So, no matter what your career aspirations are, chances are that one of the government agencies or fifteen federal cabinets will get you on board!

Benefit # 04: Job Security

According to a recent study, job security increases the job satisfaction of individuals. In other words, individuals prioritize stable jobs and consider them a significant factor in evaluating a job. The good news is that government jobs offer more security than private jobs.

A group of police officers in New York CityJob security is primarily helpful in uncertain economic times. For instance, private companies terminated more employees during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic than other sectors. On the other hand, the federal government supported their employees and provided them a grant to meet necessary expenses.

Thus, when you work for the federal government, you enjoy a stable income irrespective of the economic conditions.

Benefit # 05: Easier to Manage the Work-Life Balance

Job burnout is one of the leading causes of high employee turnover in the private sector. People fail to maintain a work-life balance and end up leaving even high-paying jobs.

If you don’t want to struggle to manage your work-life schedule, choose the federal government as your next employer! They provide a flexible working schedule to help people handle their busy schedules in a hassle-free manner. The government also offers telework and remote work options to individuals with long working hours.

Such facilitation doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for growth. There are plenty of learning and career growth opportunities for almost all individuals. Every sector is unique and provides challenging opportunities to employees for advancement.

Benefit # 06: Resume Higher Studies with Scholarship Opportunities

Job security, competitive salary, flexible work schedule, and now scholarship opportunities! Yes, you heard it right. The federal government allows individuals to continue their higher education/studies alongside doing a job.

Not only this, they facilitate their employees to pursue higher studies from leading schools and universities on scholarships. If you don’t qualify for the scholarship, don’t worry! They also assist in the repayment of student loans. For a total of $60,000 student loan amount, federal agencies can help individuals repay about $10,000 annually.

Benefit # 07: Extended Vacation Plan

Do you know that federal and local government employees get 1.5 years more paid leaves and vacation time than private employees? This fact also makes it clear that FED employees are properly compensated for their workdays.

Family enjoying the beach in vacationThe federal government realizes that holidays play a critical role in employee productivity. That’s why they allow an extended vacation plan for their employees to perform more efficiently.

Benefit # 08: More Jobs Offered by the Government

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, federal government jobs will increase by ten percent. It’s also anticipated that federal government vacancies will surge to 250,000 in the next few years. So, there’s a lot of scope for you to apply.

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