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8 Reasons to Become a Firefighter

8 Reasons to Become a Firefighter

Firefighting is one of the most rewarding and noble professions in the world. Not only do you get to save people’s lives, but you also become responsible for maintaining order in emergencies. A firefighter has to be a valiant risk-taker, critical thinker, and quick decision-maker.

However, becoming a firefighter isn’t easy. In addition to hard work, it requires dedication and long hours of training. If you’re considering pursuing a career in fire service, here’s what it offers.

Reason # 01: Attain the Goal of Servant Leadership

One of the primary reasons that drive people to become firefighters is saving lives. Although it’s pretty risky, authorities give adequate training to firefighters before assigning them the precarious tasks. Nevertheless, people who become firefighters know that there’s always a risk of losing lives in every call of emergency.

They know serving others is more important than their self-interest. They’re a significant part of the society on whom people depend in situations of crisis.

Reason # 02: Safeguard Property

After public welfare, prioritizing state welfare is another core responsibility of firefighters. Like cops, they’re responsible for protecting property against multiple damages. So, the sense of responsibility matters a lot if you want to become a firefighter.

Firefighters extinguishing flames in a buildingAlthough it depends upon the intensity of the fire, firefighters help prevent fire from damaging people’s wealth and property. Often, fires become out of control and quickly progress. In such cases, firefighters try their best to stop them from affecting other buildings or places.

They’re the ‘servant leaders’ in the truest sense. Because not only do they have to evacuate people from the impacted buildings, but they also have to ensure minimal property damage from fire incidents. State’s trust in them is something that keeps them sincere to their jobs!

Reason # 03: Teamwork Fosters Long-Term Friendships

If you’re a good team player, you’re already an efficient firefighter! Because working in teams and playing your role is a vital part of every firefighter’s life. Even if you aren’t a pro at teamwork, you become one after registering yourself as a firefighter. Due to the substantial team learning opportunities present in firefighter jobs, individuals become experts in this highly demanded soft skill.

Often, firefighters have to work for 24 hours shift in a facility. There, if any firefighter experiences trouble, fellow firefighters come to their rescue. The station where they’re posted becomes their second home. They share food and work together like a family, regardless of race, religion, gender.

So, if you enjoy working in teams, striving to achieve a common goal, and upholding long-term friendships, you’ll make a great firefighter!

Two firefighters walking in the kitchenReason # 04: Motivation to Maintain Physical Fitness

Firefighters need to be vigorous, robust, and full of stamina to deliver results in emergencies. So, the motivation to remain physically fit and healthy is another reason to become a firefighter as their job is physically demanding.

Additionally, the training phase inspires people to embrace fitness and health. There are workout equipment in the fire stations where officials encourage potential firefighters to exercise daily. This involves playing different sports, running, jogging, or lifting weights.

Reason # 05: Flexible Work Schedule

For those who don’t want to work in a conventional work setting of 9 to 5, a flexible work schedule is another reason to become a firefighter!

Working as a firefighter allows you to choose your shift timings according to your preferences. You can opt for a morning, evening, or highly flexible night duty, and not many jobs offer this facilitation. Moreover, fire departments now prefer working on a 24 hours shift by giving an off for the next 48 hours.

You can manage work-life balance relatively easier and enjoy working in your desired shift timings.

Reason # 06: Salary and Other Incentives

As indicated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay of a firefighter is $52,500! This is comparatively higher than other jobs. In addition, firefighters receive health insurance. It means that if something happens to them after putting their lives in danger, the health insurance policy will cover their medical expenses.

Reason # 07: Secured Job

Due to the consistent demand for fire service, layoffs are relatively low. If you’re looking for a secured job with a lesser likelihood of dismissals, opt for a firefighting profession.

Boots and pants of a firefighterNot just this, fire service also provides you security once you retire. It offers you a competitive retirement plan with benefits. You can choose when to retire, and according to that, the authorities disburse the retirement benefits.

Reason # 08: You Don’t Need to be Highly Qualified

Finally, unlike other career paths, fire service doesn’t require higher education or qualifications. While a high school certificate is preferable, it isn’t mandatory. Other factors that matter in becoming a firefighter, include the willingness of the individual to work in a team and their physical fitness.

However, if you’re qualified, it helps you advance to senior positions in the fire service. So, while you can enter the fire service with minimum education, higher qualifications can help you get promoted quickly. The door is open to all!

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