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A Career in Law Enforcement: What You Need To Know

A Career in Law Enforcement: What You Need To Know

Did you know that on January 9th, every year, citizens across the country show support to Law enforcement officers on account of National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day? This day is set aside to thank the professionals who put their own safety at risk to make communities safer. If you’ve ever looked at them with admiration and respect, perhaps you’ve also wondered if you could cut it in law enforcement.

While building a career in law enforcement is challenging, it’s also equally rewarding; law enforcement officers serve the public, contribute to public safety and do a job that has meaning and purpose.

There are a variety of job titles, career opportunities and duties to choose from, including police officers, sheriff’s deputies, correctional officers and many more. Even if you decide to opt for a career in criminal justice, the options don’t end there. You need to determine the field of criminology you’d like to work in—within which are myriad specialties and sub-specialties.

What’s more, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 7% growth in criminal justice and criminology jobs in the next seven years!

However, before you determine the type of law enforcement career you’re best suited for, here are some tips that’ll help you prepare for one:

Passing the Written Entrance Exam

One of the first steps to your career as a police officer is clearing a written entrance exam prepared by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services.

If you’ve chosen the state of New York for your employment, there are 2 types of police exams used in the state:

  1. The NYPD exam—used by the largest agency in New York City
  2. The NYS Civil Service Police Exam—used in the New York state

You’ll need to score a minimum of 70% for both the exams to progress to the next hiring step.

The NYS exam contains 3 main sections to test the candidate’s readiness to perform police officer duties:

  1. Cognitive questions
  2. Workstyle questionnaire
  3. A survey of life experiences

You can prepare for the exam through tutoring companies like Civil Service Success. Their experienced instructors have been preparing candidates for New York City Police Exams, New York State Trooper Police Exams and many others since the 1960s.

You Need To Pass the Law Enforcement Background Check

It’s best to evaluate your past associations and behaviors before you consider applying for a job as a police officer.

The background checks carried by the agency are quite thorough and grueling. They comb through your past work history and may even conduct a psychological evaluation or even a polygraph exam.

While some departments may overlook small misdemeanors like speeding tickets, drug-related or domestic charges can prevent you from being hired.

Prepare For Physical Fitness Assessments

Police departments typically conduct a physical assessment test that candidates must pass in 4 minutes and 28 seconds. This test is a combination of various activities including sprinting across a yard, running in pursuit, and simulating a rescue.

Needless to say, you need to build up both your cardiovascular abilities and physical strength to pass the test.

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