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A Guide to Taking the Civil Service Examination Written Test

A Guide to Taking the Civil Service Examination Written Test

The New York State civil service exams are designed to asses every candidate’s skills and qualifications for specific roles. The examinations include multiple components, such as written tests, interviews, health and psychological assessments, and physical skills tests.

The written portion of the civil service exam is often the hardest part of securing a position with the New York State. It presents candidates with different types of questions in a written format, including multiple-choice questions, essay writing, constructed-response short answers, and job simulation exercises.

Preparing for the Written Test

Once you apply for the civil service exam, you will have some time before you are required to sit for the written test. You must use this time to prepare yourself in the best way possible to ensure you score top marks. Here are some general tips to help you get ready for the day:

  • Find out what the written test includes
  • Familiarize yourself with the different component of the test
  • Practice answering the questions
  • Study the different principles, procedures, and philosophies of the department you are applying for to be able to answer the questions accurately
  • Make sure your language and writing skills are up to the mark

Solving Multiple Choice Questions:

Multiple choice questions in civil service exams usually involve a description of a problem or an incomplete statement. You will be asked to choose from a few options to find the best answer or statement that completes the question. Here are some factors to keep in mind to make sure you chose the best option:

  • Read the entire question first without looking at the answers
  • Look for keywords or details that might help you identify the best option
  • Read all the possible answers first before choosing the right one
  • If the answer doesn’t occur to you immediately, use the process of elimination to weed out the wrong ones until you are left with a single option
  • Don’t let the length of the answers influence your choice. The longest option might not necessarily be the right one.
  • Don’t make unwarranted assumptions and use only the information provided to choose the correct option.

Time Yourself Wisely!

The most important thing to keep in mind when taking a written test is time. Often, candidates fail to complete the exam because they take a long time answering one question in too much detail. Therefore, it’s important to prepare and solve practice tests to find out how long it takes. This will help you time yourself when appearing for the actual written test.

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