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A Summary of Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City in 2018

A Summary of Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City in 2018

So you want to become an NYC police officer or an NYS court officer. It’s a grand career plan, and one that’ll allow you to do something for the greater good. As a policeman, you’re the pillar upon which the city of New York depends. You’ll be required to fight injustice and crime and everything of the sort, as long as it isn’t Godzilla. And no officer will ever succeed in becoming a star policeman unless you know what you’re up against.

For this reason, we’ve compiled a quick list of crime and enforcement activity that took place in NYC last year:

Classification of Crimes

It isn’t just enough to call a crime a crime and be done with it—crimes are classified too. And it is: (a) the classification of these crimes and (b) their severity that determine the reactionary enforcement.

Crimes are divided into 3 categories when it comes to NYC: felonies, misdemeanor, and crimes against special populations.

Felonies in New York in 2018

Felonies are the most serious offenses in the United States and cover the most heinous of crimes (the kind you see on Dexter, for instance). Felonies can also be non-violent. The fines for felonies (if the defendant is not prosecuted and landed a heavy sentence) are hefty. In 2018, NYC saw felonies in these numbers:

  • Murder and non-negligent manslaughter: 288 victims, 294 suspect, 323 arrests
  • Rape: 1343 victims, 1093 suspects, 801 arrests
  • Other sex crimes: 1128 victims, 948 suspects, 729 arrests
  • Robbery: 14046 victims, 20644 suspects, 9024arrests
  • Assault: 20380 victims, 2089 suspects,15745 arrests
  • Grand larceny: 42648 victims, 23818 suspects, 10419 arrests


Misdemeanors are minor wrongdoings, with lighter fines and sentences.

  • Sex crimes: 5671 victims, 3698 suspects, 3088 arrests
  • Assault: 53630 victims, 54407 suspects, arrests
  • Other offenses: victims,  suspects, 34318 arrests
  • Larceny: 85748 victims, 56637 suspects,23418 arrests
  • Criminal mischief: 36635 victims, 18609 suspects, 5797arrests

Crimes against Special Populations

These are crimes committed specifically against minorities, immigrants, and other special populations (such as the differently-abled).

  • Hate crimes: 355 victims, 358 suspects, 150 arrests
  • Shootings: 897 victims, 47suspects, 375 arrests
  • Improper firearm usage: 2928 arrests
  • Drug offenses: 11260 dangerous drugs felony and 21334 dangerous drugs misdemeanor arrests
  • Possession of stolen property: 1779 felony arrests, 1461 misdemeanor arrests
  • Suspects for violent crimes: 43147 arrests, 10995 stops
  • Frisked subjects: 14151 victims, 4357 suspects, 3413 arrests

Ready to Become an NYS Court Officer or Policeman?

The numbers provided in this blog all come from the 2018 Police Commissioner’s report on NYC crime and enforcement activity. And while they might seem alarming, don’t forget that the population of NYC is over 8.55 million.

Compare this to the number of arrests made against each misdemeanor, and you’ll see that the NYPD and the NYS Unified Court System is doing a great job. You too can become part of this fray by giving the civil service exams corresponding to these positions. Find out more about these exams or get in touch with Civil Services Success today!

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