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All You Need to Know About NYS Civil Service Exam

All You Need to Know About NYS Civil Service Exam

Do you see yourself working for the local, state, and federal government? You’ll have to take the civil service exam to do so. The civil service system in the New York State is among the largest in the US, with approximately 150,000 employees in state government and 320,000 in the local government. Here’s all you need to know about the NYS Civil Service Exam.

Why Should You Take the NYS Civil Service Exam?

The civil service exams in New York State are meant to ensure that aspiring civil servants can succeed in government work. If you’re able to pass the civil service exam, the government hiring agency will put your name on a list of jobs that you’re eligible for.

If a certain job has a civil service exam requirement, all applicants must take the test. After that, a testing committee will rank and present your scores to the recruiting body. This means that if you have a better score, you’ll have more chances to stand out amidst hundreds of candidates.

However, keep in mind that passing the civil service exam won’t guarantee a job. It’s because hiring bodies look at more than just your scores.

Format of the NYS Civil Service Exam

There isn’t a set format for NYS civil service exams. Your exam’s content will be dependent on the type of job you’re planning to apply to. Here are four general categories that your exam falls into:

1. Essay and Oral Exams

Essay and oral exams can test your critical thinking capabilities and your ability to synthesize ideas into coherent and clear responses.

2. Experience and Training Evaluations

Experience and training evaluations are supplemental to your overall application. You’ll have to demonstrate evidence of your previous education, training, and professional experience.

3. Multiple-Choice Exams

Most of the civil service exams consist of MCQs. You can take the exam by hand or via computer – your choice.

4. Job and Performance Simulation Exams

For some civil service job posts, you’ll have to demonstrate your performance in specific situations to be deemed fit for the task. For example, you may be asked to perform in a rescue simulation or take a typing test.

When Do You Have to Take the Civil Service Exam?

You’ll have to take the civil service exam if you want a job in the local government or the state administration. Simply put, if the New York State or an agency run by the NYS pays your salary, you’ll have to take the exam.

A civil service exam is for a job in NYS, but not all NYS jobs require you to take the civil service exam. To help you determine if the exam is a pre-requisite for your application, you must look at the job descriptions of different job postings on the StateJobsNY website.

Types of NYS Civil Service Exams

1. Police

If you want to be a part of the NYS police department, you’ll have to sit for and pass the written civil service exam. The exam’s content will be according to the New York municipality you reside in.

2. Firefighter

To join the   New York Fire Department, you’ll need to take the civil service firefighter exam. The exam focuses on reading comprehension, arithmetic, situational judgment, and your ability to grasp and use information. For different municipalities, you may also have to clear a job simulation and performance exam.

3. NYS Courts

If you’d like to be a part of the NYS courts as a court assistant, court clerk, or law librarian, you’ll have to take a written civil service exam.

Preparing to Take the NYS Civil Service Exam

The NYS Department of civil service administers the NYS civil service exams. It’s the department’s responsibility to create and administer a range of different civil service exams each year. Following are four steps you must take to prepare for your NYS civil service exam well.

1. See If You Have to Sit for the Exam

As we mentioned above, not all job vacancies in the New York State need you to sit for the civil service exam. In order to check if you must take the exam, review the job requirements of the job vacancies you’re interested in applying for.

2. Check If You Qualify the Minimum Conditions for it.

Applying for a civil service job isn’t as easy as signing up for the test and applying for the job. Before you sign up for the test, you must ensure that you’re qualified to even apply for it. The qualification requirements change based on the type of exam, but you’ll have to show that you’ve received adequate training in the field and have an undergraduate degree.

3. Register for the Exam

Once you know that you need to take the exam and qualify for it, you must sign up for the civil service exam before the registration deadline. Every civil service exam has a distinct fee and date. You can get all the information about it on the NYS civil service website.

4. Get Ready for the Exam

After registration, it all comes down to your exam preparation. The format and content of the exam will outline how you’ll prepare for it. You’ll need to study specific topics or put a portfolio together. Note that your score in this exam will affect your chances of landing your dream civil service job.

Are you Looking to Prepare for NYS Civil Service Exam?

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