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All You Need to Know About Working as an NYS Sanitation Worker

All You Need to Know About Working as an NYS Sanitation Worker

Did you know that an NYC sanitation worker is regarded as the fifth most dangerous job in the United States? Yet, more than 90,000 applicants apply for this position each year in year out. Why? Well, the DSNY (New York City Department of Sanitation) is one of the biggest departments across the world that handles more than 12,000 tons of commercial and residential recyclables and refuse every day.

Although tens of thousands take a step forward to pursue this career, only 2,000 are lucky enough to secure a place. If you’re looking to covet a job in the New York Department of Sanitation, here’s everything you need to know:

What Exactly Does an NYC Sanitation Worker Do?

A sanitation worker works under supervision to fulfill duties like street cleaning, waste disposal, snow removal, recycling, and so on. A typical working day begins as early as 3:30 am, and they’re required to start collecting waste from 6:00 am at dawn right up to 2:00 pm. Each worker is assigned a specific work area for which they follow a route map. From loading and unloading waste to collecting hazardous material, sweeping the streets, operating snow lows, and making log entries, their job sure is hectic!

There might be some safety hazards attached to this position; each employee goes through various training sessions before going out on the field. Whether it’s raining or snowing, sanitation workers are expected to work during all weather conditions. They take the collected garbage to landfills or dumpsters at the end of the working day and are trained to operate heavy machinery to lift and dump trash into these dumpsters. They are responsible for the care and maintenance of their garbage trucks to ensure that they’re always running smoothly.

Let’s Talk About The Salary…

A sanitation job is no child’s play for sure, but do so many people apply for it? Well, the State rewards these workers with market-competitive salaries, increments, and other incentives like pension making it a package you can’t refuse.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that a sanitation worker’s minimum salary ranges from $37,260 per annum and rises $49,371 after the first six months with additional perks. After working for five, ten, fifteen, workers then are subject to payment of $1,495, $2,395, $3,295, and $4,195, accordingly. If you’ve earned a chief position in the DSNY, you can expect your annual salary to run in six figures!

What Are The Qualification Requirements?

1. Age: 

According to Section 54 of the New York Civil Service Law, a sanitization worker must be a minimum age of at least 17 ½ years to sit for the examination. Only once you turn 21 will you then be appointed to work.

2. Education: 

Once you pass the test and are 21 years old, ready to be appointed, you will also be expected to have completed a four-year high school diploma or its equivalent that’s approved by the education department of the State or even a recognized organization.

For those studying abroad (out of the U.S.), you will be required to get an equivalency certificate to ensure you meet the minimum requirements. When you go through the screening process, you will be told which agency to visit to get your educational documents approved.

3. Commercial Driver License:

When you’re appointed, you are also expected to have a New York State commercial driver’s license that’s either Class A or B. You have to maintain this license for the entire employment period. Before your official appointment, there will be an interview held by the DSNY human resources department. If you don’t have a valid CDL license, you will have to obtain this license at your own expense by registering for a training program; after this, only will the appointment be carried out.

4. Residency:

Only residents of New York, Westchester, or Nassau Counties can apply for the job of an NYS sanitation worker.

How Do You Submit An Application?

For Sanitation Workers in New York, the application period begins on October 1st and ends on the 31st. After meeting all the requirements and applying, you will have to sit for an exam that takes place in February every year. You’ll have to pay an application fee of $91 along with an added 2% charge if you pay via your credit or debit card.

There will be two examinations, one written and the other physical. The first test will be a multiple-choice test; once you pass this, your name will then go on the eligible list, and you’ll get a list number. Your test results will come via mail. After this is the physical test, and once you pass this, you’ll be considered for an appointment. You will have to score high to be a part of the selected candidates.

However, it’s important to remember that clearing the exams and meeting all requirements won’t guarantee you a job as a sanitation worker.

Post Selection

After you’ve been employed, you’ll have to serve a probationary period of eighteen months. During this, you will have to do several training courses to be confirmed for the position.

Want To Work As A NYC Sanitation Worker?

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