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Are You a Military Veteran? You’ll Make a Great Cop!

Are You a Military Veteran? You’ll Make a Great Cop!

What’s a law enforcement agency that’s always looking for able, physically and mentally hardened workers? The police department. And what’s a group of people that’s usually looking for a new career after returning from their old ones? Military veterans.

And here’s the best part: they’re perfect for each other. Military veterans have the physical and mental hardiness, the intensive training, and the gruesome experiences needed in a police department. The police department and the civil services, likewise, have promising benefits and a job that could best use what veterans have to offer. It’s almost like a match made in heaven.

But if this doesn’t convince you of how great a cop anybody who’s been in the military can make, read on and maybe you’ll make up your mind!

Trained for Teamwork

Both the military and the police are forces that must perform in a team. Teamwork is the backbone of these jobs, and nobody but a military veteran would know how to best work with a team under gruelling conditions.

Additionally, as a military veteran, you’ll doubtless have records and promotions (such as to First Sergeant) that can help anyone assess how good you were at teamwork. This will also help determine how great your leadership skills are.

Communication Skills

Military veterans have excellent communication skills. Their tasks and jobs are all based on communicating with each other, conveying and responding to messages, understanding them, and carrying them. With a military veteran on the team, one can be sure that no intrapersonal miscommunication is going to happen, and that there will be no communication gaps.

Mature Mates

Usually when you enter the military you’re 18, and are built to be leaders at very young ages. You go from rank to rank, and eventually by the time you’re 21 you might be leading your own squad. The police department knows you’re low maintenance because they won’t have to spend time or energy going through training and a maturing phase because the military has already spent ample time and resources on you and you’re already a mature leader.

You can Handle Stress

If you’ve been out there on the battlefield, you definitely know how to handle stress. You’ve seen some of the worst things that life has to offer and you’ve lived through them. You’ve already had to deal with stress levels that have hardened you for a life as a cop.

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