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Challenge Of Online Learning amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Challenge Of Online Learning amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has changed our lives and the way we sought education, forever, pushing us to reevaluate the things we’d taken for granted. From a simple trip to the grocery store to the comfort of a steady income, everything is hanging in the air at present.

For many people, it’s led to a major reorientation of their lifestyles, jobs, hobbies, and other preoccupations, including studying for professional and academic exams. Students have had to move back home or practically camp out in dorm rooms while they manage their work and responsibilities, and socially distance themselves from others.

Unfortunately, social distancing is the only way to flatten the curve, especially in places like New York that are some of the worst-hit the world over. It’s also shown us the crucial role played by essential workers such as doctors, cashiers, and a range of civil servants in the city.

If you needed a push to kickstart your career in the civil services, this might be the push you need to get you motivated.

Studying Through The Pandemic

If you’ve registered with us to take your exam or to help you prepare for upcoming certifications, you might have realized that things are a little different this time around. The pandemic has limited physical interaction and learning, pushing us to switch to digital mediums.

Don’t undermine the importance and value of having to study for these exams, however, because they are some of the toughest professional qualifications to take on.  It’s crucial to give yourself not just enough time to cover the material but to really understand it, clear confusion, revise and consolidate all the information you’re taking in.

As cumbersome as that might sound, think about it like this: this exam could be the start of a long, fulling career that not only helps you but others too.

If you’re among the thousands of students struggling to cover course material, you can always count on our private tutoring services to get you through this difficult time. We’re offering prep classes for civil services online, so our students stay on track and can resume their regular course of study.

However, studying online although convenient is not free of its own problems and issues in many cases. Some of the biggest, most recurring issues being:

Digital literacy is a major obstruction

Although most people taking Civil Service Exams are likely to be Millennials with familiarity with technology digital mediums, not all of them have had equal opportunity. From access to private computers and phones or tablets to knowing how to operate complicated eLearning and communication software and applications, there are endless potential barriers. Digital literacy is not something everyone has access to, be it due to age, socio-economic inequality, or simply not needing to know more than basics.

The same applies to instructors who might be struggling to adjust to the medium and can be significantly older than applicants and students. If your trainer is having issues conducting their sessions because they’re not fully aware of how to use them, or your coursemates—or you—are struggling, feel free to reach out for help.

After all, civil services are all about helping other people! Ask for instructions and help with submissions, logging in, checking mail, and notifications if necessary.

All you need to know is a few basic etiquettes like typing, talking, and sharing respectful opinions when in these digital classrooms.

Adaptability is difficult

Apart from systemic problems, on an individual level, adaptability to this new medium can be quite a challenge for many folks. Each of us has a unique learning style, or a combination of various styles, with some preferring audio-visual learning to read or others preferring kinesthetic learning.

It’s also different when suddenly, your only option and access is a digital platform and relying on online learning and evaluations. Traditional forms of classroom practices are less relevant, and even the quietest individuals will be expected to participate. It might lead to some dissonance and disorientation, but eventually, the adjustment is complete, and you get a better hang of things.

The key is to focus as best as you can and improve your experience with eLearning, asking questions, and participating as best as you can.

Managing time can be challenging

Time management is difficult even in ordinary, everyday circumstances, so you’re not alone if you’re struggling with this. This is largely because of the loss of structure and routine to our days, even if your class is taking place as per previous schedules.

Even if you, your instructor, and the group are meeting online at the same time week after week, it’s entirely possible that the rest of the day isn’t as regulated for you. For adults previously balancing jobs and coursework, alongside other responsibilities, there is a new kind of shift to tackle too.

Balancing classes, chores, coursework, and studying, with family and other commitments is taxing. Being away from the physical classroom can throw off that equilibrium, but to combat that, you must exercise more discipline and set boundaries.

Set a study space and time that’s separate from the rest of your day, tell family and roommates not to bother you during that, and aim to finish your tasks for the day in that period. Whether that means reviewing handbooks or ethics codes, or you’re taking a class or working in collaboration with course members.

Technical issues are always at bay

Of course, technical issues are unavoidable when you’re relying on the internet, laptops, and phones to get through your work. Sometimes connections are unstable or applications crash, or you lose your data and progress. It’s important that you don’t panic when these mishaps occur because instructors are flexible enough to understand.

Keep your instructors in the loop, backups of all your work, and access to a stable connection and backups when possible. It’s not really possible to go to the public library or even a friend’s for Wi-Fi, so it’s best to prepare beforehand with a reliable provider.

Motivation can be hard to muster up

Last but not least, motivation is difficult to find, especially in these difficult moments. In addition to the work and qualifications themselves being difficult, it’s harder to deal with the aftermath of different issues, adaptability struggles, loneliness, and stress.

However, the only way to really power through and find motivation is to really push for the goal you’ve set. Reevaluate your priorities and ask yourself if this hurdle is really all it takes to hold you back from your dream. Focus on intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, set a reward system, and S.M.A.R.T. goals.

You’re never alone in these difficult times and have a whole future ahead of you. Even if you’re trying to renew your certification, know that you’ve done this before and came out stronger on the other side. You can rely on us to provide you quality preparation and assistance all through your journey and make eLearning as accessible as possible.


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