Civil Service Exam FAQs: All You Need To Know

Civil Service Exam FAQs: All You Need To Know

The NYS Civil Service Commission was formed after the civil service law was passed in 1883. Although it was a merit-based system, the hiring process was thought to be biased because of which this system remained controversial till 1889. In 1894, some amendments were made to Article V of the constitution of New York State. After that, hiring was done by analyzing candidates’ physical fitness and merit through civil service exams.

Since then, hundreds of students have seen the dream of becoming a civil servant and appear in the NYC civil service exam. It gives them the chance to work with the government and become part of a department that can change society. Civil service jobs are known for their incentives, such as sick leave and vacation days, job security, a comfortable retirement, and sufficient income.

NYS police officers performing their dutiesIf you’re preparing for the NYS civil services exams, you may be wondering about these commonly asked questions. We’ve answered them!

Q1: Why Do We Have To Take the Civil Service Exam?

The civil service exams are designed to examine the physical and mental abilities of candidates. Some government jobs require these exams to represent the integrity of the position. The higher you score in the exam, the more you will get a civil service job. However, hiring doesn’t rely just on test scores.

Q2: What’s The Eligibility Criteria?

The eligibility criteria depend on the job you are applying for and the state you’re applying in. For example, if you are applying for marine engineering job, you must have a license to practice or a driving license for a sanitation worker application. Therefore, you have to qualify the minimum criteria of the state you are applying from to take the exam. Here are some common ones:

  • Must be 18 years old.
  • Undergraduate degree or 60 college credit hours
  • Legal and permanent resident of the United States.
  • Fluent in English speaking, reading, and writing
  • Clear background for jobs in which you have to interact with civilians, especially children and underprivileged groups.

Q3: What Is Included In The Exam?

Most civil service exams consist of written, physical, psychological, medical, and oral tests. But it depends on the nature of the exam you are giving.

Q4: What Is The Exam Format?

The format of these examinations depends on four components.

1. Verbal and Essay Exam

This is designed to analyze your critical thinking that evaluates how you create your thoughts into clear and concise responses.

2. Training and Experience Assessment

This is to analyze your application. You may be asked to demonstrate knowledge that illustrates your past education and work experience.

3. Multiple Choice Question Exam

Most NYS civil service exams are MCQs.This test can be done by hand or through a computer, depending on the situation.

NYS civil service exam4. Performance and Job Simulation

You may have to go through a job simulation for some jobs to see how well you perform. For instance, you may be asked to complete a rescue simulation or a typing test.


Q5: How Many Types of NYS Civil Service Exam are there?

There are various types of NYS civil service exams. The most common ones are listed below.

  • County Police
  • NYCFirefighter
  • NYS Courts
  • Metro Transit Authority Bus Operator
  • CUNY Public Safety Officer
  • NYC Sanitation Worker

Q6: How to Manage Time During the Exam

All you need to do is budget your time. You’ve got limited time to do the test, so use it wisely. First of all, don’t forget to keep an eye on the watch to keep track of time. Divide the time to each section and question accordingly. It would be best if you left some time to proofread your answer sheet. Recheck the question paper and answer sheet to make sure that all the questions are answered.

Civil service exam preparationQ7: How to Apply For the Test

You can find the exam form on the website, which you can fill online or download. Application forms are quite self-explanatory, so the procedure and requirement will be given on it. Just read it carefully, fill out the form and complete all the requirements before applying.

If your application is approved, the civil service department will let you know about the next step.

Q8: When Do We Get Results?

The amount of time varies depending on the exam. Normally, it takes almost three to four months. Your result will appear on the New York Department of Civil Service website.

Q9: Does the Job Depend On High Score?

Unfortunately, no, it doesn’t. A good score can take you one step closer to the job and put you on the eligibility list, but it doesn’t guarantee a job. This exam is only one of the criteria for a government job. The next step will be an oral interview. However, a high score can increase your chances of receiving an interview call compared to other candidates.

Q10: How Do I Know Whether My Preferred Job Requires A Civil Service Exam Or Not?

Every government job doesn’t require a civil service exam. To figure out whether your preferred job requires it or not, you need to check the requirement list. Once you find out, start preparing for the exam. It is best to take professional help and get enrolled in preparatory classes.

Q11: Where Should I Take Prep Classes For Civil Services?

If you want to make a civil service career, let our experts at Civil Service Success help you achieve your goal. We offer detailed course material comprehensive prep classes that can help you pass the exam to apply for your dream job.

Civil Service Success has been in the field for over 45 years. Our highly qualified and experienced staff will help you prepare for verbal and written tests of various civil service exams, including NYC firefighter, the Suffolk PoliceNYS court officer, and NYC sanitation worker exams.

For further details and queries, contact (631) 218 0889.

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