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Dress for Success —What to Wear to Your New York Civil Service Interview

Dress for Success —What to Wear to Your New York Civil Service Interview

You finally received the call that you’ve been anticipating yet oddly dreading for the past month. You’re a step closer to landing your dream job yet your stomach is in knots over the nerve-wracking interview.

Take a deep breath.


It’s natural to feel anxious and have a million thoughts run through your mind. What kind of questions will I be asked? How should I prepare beforehand? What will I wear? We’ll make things easier for you by covering the last one! If you’ve been stressing out over narrowing down your outfit choices, we have a few tips that can guide you on how to perfect your interview look so you can guarantee a good impression!

1. Professional is Key!

The first step to ensuring you look put-together and feel ready to prove your worth as a deserving candidate is dressing professionally.

The term ‘professional’ itself is highly subjective and can make some people think of tuxedos while others envision a polo shirt, so we’ll break it down a little more.

Opt for business casual attire that combines a formal look with semi-formal comfort. This could range from anywhere between a button-down shirt and formal pants or khakis for men to a simple and classic dress or powerhouse pantsuit for women.

If you want to add a touch of added formality, you could wear a blazer and pair it with a tie. For winter, a cardigan, knit sweater or warm dress will work perfectly too. Whichever category you decide to settle on within the realm of ‘business casual’, avoid jeans and causal shirts at all costs!

2. Keep Things Simple

They don’t just say ‘simplicity is key’ for nothing. Keep things classic and minimalistic and avoid going overboard with flashy colors, accents and patterns. Anything too bright or flamboyant could come off as overwhelming and elude to non-seriousness.

Opt for neutral colors like white, grey, black, light brown, navy blue or light purple.

3. Don’t Forget Comfort

While you really want to dress to impress, the last thing you want to do is pick an incredible outfit that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you feel uneasy, it is bound to show and affect the rest of your interview!

Make sure you try your outfit at least twice before wearing it on the big day. We also suggest breaking into your outfit by wearing it for a few hours as opposed to trying it for a few seconds and taking it off. This will help detect any uncomfortable feeling that may naturally emerge with time. If it feels too tight, loose, short, tough or stiff, it’s best to look for something else.

4. Minimal Accessories

While some of us love expressing ourselves with trendy rings, a stack of Cartier bracelets and a staple watch, it’s best to tone things down and opt for one or two accessories at best. A classic watch will not only be practical but will also add a formal touch to your look. You could pair it with a bracelet or a pair of classic earrings. If anything feels too bright or over-the-top, take it down. Your overall look should be professional and classic.

5. Ensure Cleanliness

This one goes without saying but it’s still important to reiterate every now and then. Make sure your outfit is clean and properly pressed. Look out for any creases, fade marks, stains, loose threads and tangles.

Now that you have a better understanding of what to wear to your interview, gear up on how to ace your interview through the right verbal communication! For more dos and don’ts regarding your selection process in the civil service, check out Civil Service Success.

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