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Famous Long Island Crimes Investigated by the Suffolk County Police Department

Famous Long Island Crimes Investigated by the Suffolk County Police Department

The life of a county police officer can be pretty adventurous.

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Since its inception, the Suffolk County Police has been responsible for investigating some of the most notorious crimes that have occurred within Long Island, New York. If you want to know what they are, grab some popcorn and continue reading!

The Amityville Horror Murder Case

The town of Amityville lies some 30 miles outside of New York City. Here, stood a supposedly haunted house that was the scene of a mass murder in November 1974.

23-year old Ronald Defoe Jr. murdered his entire family using a .35 Marlin rifle. His parents and four siblings were fast asleep when the incident happened. About a year later, another family moved into the estate but left the place within their first month there, saying they were terrorized by paranormal activity there.

The Angel of Death Case

Richard Angelo is a former nurse at the Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip, New York. In 1987 he was suspected of having poisoned a patient he was looking after. He was arrested by the Suffolk County Police after he was accused of attacking a 73-year old patient. Angelo was held in the Suffolk County jail for almost a year until it was made clear during his trial that he had poisoned about 35 patients during his 7 months at the hospital.

The Katie Beers Kidnapping Case

In December 1992, Katie Beers was kidnapped just 2 days before her tenth birthday as she was lured in by family friend with the promise of birthday presents. The man, John Esposito held Katie captive in his underground bunker for over 17 days. The Suffolk County Police played a huge role in finding her alive and well.

The Suffolk County Sniper Case

24-year old Long Island resident, Pete Sylvester began casually sniping people when he got his hands on his first gun. He used a high powered rifle to target his victims for 13 days straight. He also attempted to break into nearby homes but he was eventually arrested and brought to trial by Suffolk County Police officers. Sylvester confessed to killing 5 people and raping a minor. He is currently in jail, completing his 35-year sentence.

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