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Government Job Search: Follow These Twitter Feeds

Government Job Search: Follow These Twitter Feeds

Searching for a job these days is not limited to newspaper advertisements and long-winded application processes. Today’s job market is highly competitive and requires you to be abreast with social media’s ins and outs.

Social media is more than a platform to just upload selfies. If you’re serious about your career and want to explore new opportunities, you can get a head start on social media platforms. Social media serves as a medium for job seekers to find relevant vacancies that match their preferences.

The U.S. government has broken away from their practice posting jobs on their website and turned towards Twitter – recognizing its power to connect them with potential, tech-forward recruits.

If you’re looking to work for the government, this blog is the perfect place for you. Read on as we list down 8 Twitter feeds that you should follow to get your dream job in the government.

Twitter Feed # 1: @USAJobs 

USAJobs on Twitter serves as a portal for the federal government to post job vacancies. The job openings range from Legal Advisor at ICE, Engineer at IRS, or Law Enforcement Coordinator at U.S. Attorney Nevada. On this Twitter feed, you’ll find website links that will direct you to open jobs. The process is simple. Applicants fill out an application form and save it. There’s a feature that allows them to tweak and update it as per new jobs. This method beats the one in the past, where the federal agency had to sift through multiple job applications.

Twitter Feed # 2: @USOPM

USOPM refers to the United States Office of Personnel Management. It is the human resources department of the federal government of the U.S. This department strives to hire, retain, and appreciate top-tier employees. They do so in different ways that range from, but aren’t limited to: doing background checks for soon-to-be employees, making sure that equitable management practices are implemented throughout the department, managing employee compensations and benefits, providing relevant training, and heading the execution of new policies related to the workforce. In this feed, the tweets give you a taste of what it feels like working for the federal government.

Twitter Feed # 3: GovExec

GovExec (full form: Government Executive) is an American media publication based in Washington DC. It covers daily government businesses. Their news is mainly focused on the federal government, and readership vastly includes federal managers. Some usual topics that are part of this publication include budgeting, worker salary and benefits, politics, and breaking industry news. This Twitter feed will tell you all about what’s happening in the federal government so that job seekers can stay updated.

Twitter Feed # 4: @GoGovernment

GoGovernment is a place for young people who are looking for employment in the federal government. It is a project by Partnership for Public Service, a not-for-profit organization aiming to fortify the federal government by sparking interest to work for and change the government’s operational policies. The organization believes that by having a robust civil service and listening to the citizens’ needs, the government can function well. On this Twitter feed, you’ll find leads for different jobs and get advice on the government job application process.

Twitter Feed # 5: @GovernmentJobs

Government Jobs is associated with an organization that works in the job advertising sector. While on this Twitter feed, you can effortlessly search and apply for employment positions in the public sector from around the nation. If you’re a job seeker not bound to any state or city, this feed can be a perfect space to find and land your dream job in the U.S. government.

Twitter Feed # 6: CareersInGov

Careers in Gov is also associated with an organization focused on advertising employment opportunities in the local government. If you think that working for the state or federal government is too big a picture for you, you can always apply for a job in the local government. If your passion lies in working for the local government, this Twitter feed is for you.

Twitter Feed # 7: @VaCareers

V.A. Careers is a space for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. This feed contains job vacancies in the capacity of assisting army veterans. This space is famous for healthcare services. You’ll find information and details about the responsibilities of working for veteran affairs and how it helps customers.

Twitter Feed # 8: @FedNewsRadio

Federal News Radio is based in the capital city of the United States, Washington, DC. It is a content-rich radio station situated in the metro area with a strong online presence. It’s responsible for delivering news that holds significance among the employees or the federal government.

Steps to Amp Up Your Online Presence

Set Up Your Profile

Having a social media presence is crucial. Your Twitter profile should highlight the seriousness of purpose and your professional interests. Your profile description should exude what you’d like others to know about you, your interests, and your educational and professional background. Your Twitter profile is your first impression. Make it strong. Bring the things you’re proud of to the limelight. Sell your brand.

Follow the People You Admire

Be cognizant of the people you follow. Make sure that they’re mainly related to your career interests so that, in the future, there may be a possibility of collaborating with them. You may not see a potential job offer form them, but they may post about a vacancy or two that may interest you. Follow wisely.

Respond to Conversations

Don’t hold back on engaging in meaningful conversations with people you admire. Different people and opinion leaders are there to have conversations with others on relevant topics, and they would do it with you too. The best tip would be responding to Tweets that interest you immediately.

Follow up Outside of Twitter

A long-winded conversation on Twitter would die out soon. It’s best to move on to a more personalized channel of communication, that is, email. It reflects your seriousness about the job and facilitates the hiring process. The end goal is the land an interview, and it may happen if communication is personalized.

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