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Here’s How to Prepare for The New York State Court Officer Physical Exam

Here’s How to Prepare for The New York State Court Officer Physical Exam

Following the written examination, the next big hurdle that all aspiring New York State Court Officers need to overcome is the physical ability test.

Court officers often get appointed security and law enforcement duties across the state. That’s why they’re expected to be in peak physical conditions at all times.

The physical exam can seem daunting but it’s nothing you can’t ace with a little bit of preparation. At Civil Service Success, we’ve been helping thousands of candidates like you achieve high scores on their New York State Court Officer exam. Sign up to our preparatory classes today and become one step closer to your dream job!

The physical ability test is going to assess you on 4 components. Let’s discuss each of these in a bit of detail so you have a better idea on how to prepare for this part of the test.

1. The Push-Up Test

The objective of this test is to determine your stamina and upper body strength. To do a correct push-up you’ll have to place your hands and feet on the floor in alignment with the rest of body making sure your back is straight and stretched. Now bend your elbows to lower your entire body to the ground. Your arms should now be making a 90-degree angle. Push yourself back to start position without balking at the knees or curving your back.

Candidates will have to complete the maximum number of push-ups they can muster in 60 seconds.  Pro Tip: Don’t break your form or the push-up won’t be counted as legitimate.

2. The Illinois Agility Run Test

The running test is all about assessing your anaerobic skills and your cardiovascular health.

The test requires candidates to sprint across a specified distance. Usually, this distance is about 60 yards. However, the catch here is that the track often features sharp turns and you’ll have to maintain your balance. You’ll be scored according to the time you take to complete your sprint. There will be two rounds of the Illinois Agility Run test so there’s greater reliability between the scores.

Pro Tip: The sprint begins with you lying on your stomach so do practice springing to your feet without injuring yourself!

3. The Sit-Up Test

The sit-up test is all about abdomen strength. To perform a correct sit-up you should start by lying down on your back. Bend your knees and put your feet together. While an invigilator will be holding your feet in place, you’ll have to make sure your hands stay crossed on your shoulders in an X shape throughout the exercise. You’ll be scored on the maximum number of sit-ups you can do in 60 seconds.

4. The Beep Test

This test will determine your aerobic ability. You’ll have to run across a 20-meter distance and run at a speed as indicated by an audio recording system. You also have to stick to your running lane or you’ll be disqualified from the race. The task here is to complete as many laps as you can in the time given to you.

Make sure to follow all the rules of the physical exam and ace this part of your New York State Court Officer exam! Begin your preparation early with us! Join our class today or give us a call at (631) 218-0889 for more information!

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