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How to Prepare for a Physical Fitness Test

How to Prepare for a Physical Fitness Test

Thinking about applying for the Suffolk County Police Exam? Then you must prepare yourself for the physical test. This dreaded exam format isn’t very difficult but it can get challenging for those who aren’t regular exercisers.

But don’t worry. We, at Civil Service Success, have been training civil service candidates for over 45 years! With our handy tips and tricks, you’ll be able to pass that fitness test with ease.

So let’s get started.

What is the physical fitness test?

All police officers are expected to physically exert themselves at some point in their career and so it’s important to clear the fitness tests. These tests aren’t timed like regular written tests are but you will gain points for accomplishing tasks with speed. Some basic components of the test include:

  1. Sit Ups:This test will measure your core strength, which is especially useful for performing tasks that require force. Males will be expected to perform an average of 30 sit ups in a minute, while females will be expected to perform an average of 28.
  2. Pushups:This test will measure your upper body strength and endurance. You will gain points based on the number of pushups you can perform in a minute.
  3. Running:You will be given about a 1.5 mile running taskthat will be timed. This will measure your cardiovascular health and stamina. Males will be expected to complete their run in 13 minutes on average while females will be expected to complete it in around 16 minutes.
  4. More running:A longer, 300 meter run is likely to be scheduled to test the strength of your lower limbs.
  5. Bench presses:This test also measures your upper body strength. It involves pushing heavy weights away from the chest while lying flat on your back—on a bench. Your body weight ratio will be a key indicator of your performance.

How to prepare for the physical fitness test?

  • Remember that your body works similar to a machine but needs its rest to function well on test day. Since you cannot improve your physical abilities overnight, you should start preparing well in advance for the exam.
  • Prepare a schedule and start by doing small things. If you cannot run for 1.5 meters in one go, break it down into two or three check points and slowly increase the distance.
  • For the 300 meter run, remember that the test is seeking to measure your endurance over speed so try to incorporate more low intensity runs in your workout.
  • If you think you have a weak core, work on the sit ups with your knees closer to your stomach. Once you gain strength, you can put your feet flat on the ground too.
  • Make sure you warm up before every session and try to push yourself to the maximum number of reps. You won’t be able to gain strength until you burnout your muscles adequately.

Keep track of your physical practice but don’t forget about the written exam! Prepare for the Suffolk County Police Exam with Civil Service Success and get the scores you need to realize your dream of becoming a police officer! Register for our May classes before seats run out!

For more information on other civil services test preparation, please get in touch with us here.

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