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Law Enforcement Career Development—Top Tips from Police Veterans

Law Enforcement Career Development—Top Tips from Police Veterans

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, there are more than nine thousand law enforcement officers in the State of New York. The continuous increase in the need for public safety has increased the number of new openings for officers all over the country.

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected a median growth of 5% from the year 2018 to 2028 in the number of law enforcement agents in the U.S., although the demand may vary according to different cities.

The increase in the need for public safety officers is good news for those seeking a career in civil services. A successful career in law enforcement is a whole new ball game. Just because you managed to land one of the most coveted spots on the NYC police department doesn’t guarantee you long-term success.

Here are some top tips from veteran officers that can help you develop a successful police career in New York City:

Continue Growing and Learning:

While landing a job in the NYC police department is a big deal, it doesn’t mean you can get complacent. Recruits are advised to be flexible and keep learning and growing along with their regular job.

Enroll in civil service workshops and courses which will help you advance in the field. This will help you stand out from the other officers and increase your chances of success in the department.

Treat People the Way You Would Want to Be Treated:

One of the most recommended ways for police officers to make a big impact on the community and in their department is to treat everyone with respect and dignity. Treat them the way you would want yourself or your loved one to be treated unless someone gives you a reason not to. This will help you create a reputation as a fair and compassionate civil servant and help you go a long way in your career.

Ethics, Integrity, And Consistency:

The most important thing for success in law enforcement is to remain ethical and maintain integrity throughout your career. Never compromise your professional or personal lives on a whim or lapse of core values. Stay out of the rumor mill and promote positive interactions with your coworkers and the general public.

Put in The Work and Time:

Most veterans who have had a successful career in law enforcement recommend putting in the time and work. You can’t expect to be promoted after every review or appraisal unless you’ve put in some decent work towards the support of organizational goals.

Don’t share your opinions until you’ve earned the right to do so. Having a passion for the work and serving the public is key to a successful law enforcement career.

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