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Learn More about the Civil Service Job Categories

Learn More about the Civil Service Job Categories

Civil service jobs are one of the most sought after professions in the world today. In fact, there are over 2.5 million federal civil servants currently serving in the US. Here in New York, thousands of candidates apply for coveted positions in hopes to secure their future. But many candidates decide to withdraw from the race—not because it’s competitive—but mainly because it’s complicated.

Even now, if you were to visit the New York State Department’s website, you’ll see tons of job listings that just might make your head hurt. What do these jobs descriptions mean? More importantly, why are they categorized the way that they are?

Read on to find out why.

Different types of civil service jobs.

All jobs within the NY state department are labeled with a particular title. These titles can help administrators distinguish the type of job and corresponding examination you’ll be sitting for to get your appointment.

Now there are four main types of job categories in the NY civil service system:

1. Competitive:

As the name suggests, getting a job through this route involves engaging in a competition—and that’s where the written examination comes in. Competitive class jobs are open to the general public based on their academic merit and suitability for the job. Appointments within this category can either be permanent or temporary. The Suffolk County Police Examination is an example of a competitive class position.

In some cases, candidates with certified physical or mental disabilities can be hired without them having to sit through the lengthy exams. Learn more about this rule here.

2. Non-competitive:

Non-competitive jobs focus more on specific educational and experience-based qualifications. This is applicable in jobs where a competitive test cannot be conducted. Take for example the position of agency attorney or community assistant.

3. Labor:  

Labor class jobs don’t really require a certain level of education standard or any work experience. These are meant to be mostly physical in nature and can be performed by low-skilled workers. Take for example the job of city laborer or the mortuary technician.

4. Exempt:

Some civil service position requirements are outlined by the specific appointing authority. The merit and fitness qualifications for the job are decided upon internally, by the authority and their deputies. For instance, the position of Deputy Commissioner falls under the exempt job class.

It may seem tempting to apply for a position that doesn’t include competitive exams but the drawback is that all such jobs are temporary.

If you’re thinking about applying for a provisional or permanent position, get in touch with us! We’re currently holding classes for the Suffolk County Police test.

At Civil Service Success, we pride ourselves in being able to help thousands of candidates achieve top scores in their civil service examinations.

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