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NYC Police Officer 101 — Finding Success at A New Agency

NYC Police Officer 101 — Finding Success at A New Agency

Being a New York City police officer is an exciting position that’s full of great opportunities to serve and succeed. Being one of the oldest and the largest municipal police departments in the country, the NYPD has over 77 patrol precincts that cover the entire city.

Getting employed by the NYPD is very difficult. Applicants are expected to ace the written exams and clear the physical and psychological evaluation. Many applicants who complete the requirements are fortunate enough to land the perfect spot and stay there for their entire police career.

However, some officers aren’t happy with the position due to the location, responsibilities or other organizational issues. These officers often try to change agencies to find more satisfying work. These people are called lateral officers.

Changing agencies can be difficult, and it takes time for any officer to adjust to the new surroundings and colleagues. Here are some tips for a successful transition to a new agency:

Be Professional from the Start:

It’s a total cliché, but first impressions are vital when changing law enforcement agencies. They influence the reputation of the officer even after they’ve been in the agency for years.

The best thing to do is to be professional and humble from day one. An open attitude that convinces the bosses that you are there to learn and work hard goes a long way toward a successful police career.

Take Advantage Of The Rare Opportunity:

Changing agencies allows you to learn things you might not have at your previous agency. Take advantage of this and get feedback and additional coaching to improve any issues with your performance as a police officer.

You might not be aware of these mistakes at your previous job, but a fresh perspective might be just the thing you need to become even better at your job!

Update Your Geographical Knowledge:

Having worked in a law enforcement agency previously means you must have a solid base of technical skills that you can rely on. However, moving to a new agency means new geographical location and change in the jurisdiction.

You must learn as much as you can about the new areas you are expected to work in, as they might be different from the areas you worked in previously. Spending extra time learning about the area and the people who live in your new jurisdiction will be highly beneficial for your success in the new agency and will also prove to your superiors that you are serious about your new position.

Avoid Comparison and References to the Previous Position

A lot of times, lateral officers make the mistake of referencing their previous agency and comparing how the new agency is different from that one. Unless it is a legitimate reason that requires some vital information about your previous agency, try to avoid mentioning it.

Continuously talking about your old position can not only be exhausting for your new colleagues to listen to, but can also affect your ability to adjust in the new agency.

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