Prepare for the New York State Court Officer & NYC Sanitation Exams

Preparing for Your NYC Sanitation Exam

Preparing for Your NYC Sanitation Exam

Civil services exams in NYC are a big source of job acquisition by multiple candidates across the city. In addition to court and county exams, these include firefighting and sanitation exams, which are equally as important.

Although many people don’t take the sanitation exam very seriously, they receive a big surprise when they finally sit for the exam. What these people fail to realize that sanitation workers have certain responsibilities to fulfill, in lieu of which they have to prove their credibility and compatibility in the form of a written test.

Appearing for this test unprepared and with a presumed self-assured belief in your ability to ace the test, you’ll be back on ground zero when you realize that the exam is not what you were expecting it to be.

The Many Stages

The first condition for anyone to become a sanitation worker is their age: they have to be over 17.5 years old. You’ll also need a driver’s license. A written test or computer-based test will be then in line, which is followed by a physical test.

And for people who might be wondering why all the hassle for a sanitation job, here’s the kicker: in New York City, it’s the sanitation workers whose jobs are the most coveted. According to sources, some 90,000 people applied to appear in the exam as of 2014. Out of these, only 500 were hired by the department. This means that the DSNY accepts only 0.5% of the total candidates—compare

that to Harvard’s, which accepts 5.8% of its applicants!

Good Money

One of the reasons why the sanitation exam and job are so popular and in-demand in New York is because the pay is actually pretty great. They range between $33,746 and $69,339 per annum, based on the amount of years in the position.

Preparing for the Exam

It is rumored about the famed DSNY that only the luckiest make it to the job. You have to have a high school diploma as well. And with hundreds of thousands of applicants giving the exam right beside you, you’ll have some tough competition.

The written exam is the first stage, which basically comprises of fundamental math, language skills, analytical skills, etc. Think of the threshold as high school, because that’s the academic requirement. You’ll require rigorous study and preparation to sit for the exam, especially if you’ve been out of touch with your books for quite some time.

Take Preparatory Classes

Many candidates in New York sign up for classes and sessions being offered by Civil Service Success, Law Enforcement Service Systems, the Firefighter Training Group and the Sanitation Training Groups. We train candidates to ace their court, country, firefighting, and sanitation exams in NYC, Suffolk County, Westchester, and Nassau. With 45 years of experience under our belt, we know what to teach and what to focus on. Contact us today to ensure you’re far ahead of your rivals in the famed sanitation exam.

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