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Start Preparing for the Suffolk County Civil Service Exams

Start Preparing for the Suffolk County Civil Service Exams

Are you looking for a prestigious job in the Suffolk County Civil Service Commission? Well, you’re not alone. Thousands of people apply and appear for the highly competitive exams but only a small percentage makes it through.

Civil service jobs are extremely coveted and if you want to ensure your appointment, you should register now for our preparation classes. Civil Service Success has been helping candidates achieve high scores on their exams for the past 45 years! With our detailed study guides, test feedback reports and timed practice exams, you’ll be able to breeze through the content of the actual exams!

What are the Suffolk County Civil Service Exams?

The Government of Suffolk County is the central municipal body in New York’s Long Island and adjoining area. It’s one of the biggest employers of civil servants in the region, having appointed nearly 40,000 candidates across the expanse of its civil service commission.

Within the SCG umbrella, you’ll find Suffolk County’s Department of Civil Service. It works with the State Department of NY to host the exams. This means the two bodies will liaison to set the exam schedule, advertise vacancies and set the necessary academic and work requirements for the job.

You don’t necessarily have to be living in Suffolk County to give the exams but a residency status will surely improve the prospects of you getting an appointment letter.

How to Prepare for the Suffolk County Civil Service Exams?

The Suffolk County holds various exams to appoint jobs within each department. Depending on the career you have chosen for yourself, you’ll have to sit for a particular kind of examination. We always suggest all our candidates to practice with past papers because that always helps build a familiarity with the exam style.

At Civil Service Success, we provide you with all the resources you need to ace the exams, but there are some things you can do to improve your preparation with us:

  1. Be informed about the exam you are taking:Based on your specific paper, we will be able to provide you with specialized study guides and materials.
  2. Learn the basics:Although each exam is tailored to meet the requirements of particular jobs, there are some topics every civil service exam tests you on such as cognitive reason, business math and reasoning skills.
  3. Stay active:Your physical health is important for improved performance on exam day. This is particularly important if you’re registered for an exam that has a physical ability test.

You may encounter a fitness test if you’re registered for the Suffolk County Police Exam. But that shouldn’t be a problem because at Civil Service Success we prepare you for everything and more! Register now if you haven’t already! Classes for the Suffolk police test begin this May.

For more information on preparation classes on other Suffolk County Civil Service Exams, get in touch with us here.

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