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The Benefits and Advantages of Civil Service Work

The Benefits and Advantages of Civil Service Work

Civil service jobs continue to be hotly contested, with thousands of candidates preparing for and taking NYC civil service exams each year. So what makes these jobs so popular? And what benefits does working in the public sector have to offer? We’re here to answer all your questions in this blog post.

Below, we’ve outlined the top advantages that public sector jobs have to offer over private positions. Let’s take a look at each.

Furthering the Public Good

By working in public service, you can work directly with various members of the community to further the public good. Helping people and working with people directly can be a major source of happiness and personal satisfaction for many—and that might not be possible to achieve when working for a large corporation.

For instance, if you’re the kind of person who enjoys working closely with other people and wants to impact the community, then working as a police officer or firefighter is the perfect match for you.

Job Stability

The job security offered by government jobs is substantially higher compared to private sector firms. With private sector companies, there’s always a risk of downsizing, shifting operations to other countries, or shutting down completely. Since government agencies rarely ever close down and have different priorities from profit-generating forms, the chances of your department closing down are negligible.

That being said, job performance does play a major role in how you’re rewarded and how much you advance during your government career. To make the best out of your civil service job, it’s essential to keep track of how well you’re achieving performance metrics.

Better Work-Life Balance

Most government jobs are full-time jobs that operate in regular working hours. However, there are also many options for taking on the night shift or opting for flexible work shifts that can help you achieve a great work-life balance.

Additionally, individuals who are employed in the government are not under pressure to meet high quotas for billable hours and spend additional time on client development activities. The work culture isn’t cutthroat, and you can benefit from the relaxed culture that focuses on service rather than profit generation.

Variety of Options

When you opt for government jobs, you often have a wide variety of options to choose from. Let’s take the example of police officers. You can start off your career as a rookie and go the traditional route, making your way up the ranks from police detective to captain and then police chief. On the other hand, you can also choose to make lateral moves and work in a specialized unit that matches your working style and interests more closely.

For instance, if you have a background in IT and have experience in the digital space, you can opt to work in the Cybercrime Unit. For individuals who are more inclined toward the tactical side of work, the SWAT team might be a better fit.

Great Job Perks

Salaries in the public sector vary significantly depending on the department, state budget, and level of seniority. However, one thing that most employees get, even those in lower ranks, are great benefits.

Civil service jobs often come with incredible incentives that often exceed packages offered by private organizations. These perks include health insurance (including dental and vision insurance), life insurance, long-term care insurance, and flexible spending accounts. More importantly, these benefits are portable. This means you can pursue other opportunities in the government, and these benefits will come with you in case you switch jobs.

Kickstart Your Career in Civil Service Now

Civil service jobs offer some great incentives that make them worth the effort. The competitive salary packages and job stability mean that many people are vying for coveted roles in the government. This high level of competitiveness can make it difficult to land the job you want.

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