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The Top Skills a Civil Service Worker in New York Needs

The Top Skills a Civil Service Worker in New York Needs

The New York State Government offers excellent career prospects to individuals from a broad range of backgrounds. However, clearing the civil service exam can be quite difficult.

The exam is designed to test individuals at different levels. The aim is to find out whether they have the necessary skills to qualify for the coveted position of a New York State civil service worker.

Check out our list of top skills the NYS government looks for in a candidate:

Excellent Organization and Negotiating Skills:

Most roles in the public sector call for workers to juggle several tasks and different projects. Workers are expected to be able to prioritize their responsibilities effectively, while collaborating with other departments.


Leadership is a key skill that most employers look for, whether it’s the private sector or the public sector. Every department is looking for a worker who is keen to learn, as well as inspire others around them.


Working as a team is critical for most civil service positions. Whether it’s the fire department or the police department, going at it alone is not an option when it comes to public service.

The ideal candidate must show excellent communication and teamwork skills. They must be able to work alongside different types of people and should know how to motivate them as well.

Decision-Making Abilities

Good decision-making skills can be a life or death matter when it comes to civil service potions, such as being a school resource officer or a police officer. Public sector employees are often faced with tough situations that require snap decisions.

The candidate must have strong analytical abilities that allow them to interpret different situations quickly and make effective decisions accordingly.

Commitment and Drive

Public service can be a tough and thankless job sometimes. So it’s important for an aspiring candidate to be committed to working under intense pressure without giving up. They must also be motivated to be the change that is needed and shouldn’t shy away from intense workloads.

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