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The Ultimate Exam Prep Guide

The Ultimate Exam Prep Guide

Studies place exam phobia as a common phenomenon among secondary school students, with an emphasis on the complaint of “mind going blank” immediately before the exam commences. Although poor performance, lack of preparation, and external pressure are common at this stage, the fear of failure looms ever larger as students mature and grow into adulthood.

Civil service exam can only be taken once an individual has reached an age of 19 years of life behind him/her. People up to 35 years of age can sit for the exam, and when one is significantly older, the fear of failure is even higher given the perceived humiliation that students cook up in their heads. According to research, extreme stress, discomfort, anxiety, and fear are experienced by people who go through what’s commonly termed as “exam fever.”

However, with these little tips and tricks to guide you, you’re sure to steer clear of this damning dilemma:

Take Ample Time to Prepare

This is not a high school assignment. You can’t simply Google for an hour and spend another hour jotting fillers to make up for the required word count. For a civil services exam you have to undertake specific subjects and prepare with particularity. Make a timetable and plan out your study schedule for the days to come. Most importantly, do not leave things to be covered hastily at the eleventh hour.

Organize and De-clutter

The place where you study is important and should be kept clean at all times. Keep it organized and free of clutter. Do not eat at the same table that you study at. Similarly, do not study on your bed as it is liable to make you feel drowsy. Pick up an airy desk with lots of space to scatter your books and notes as you like.

Use Visual Aids

Like mnemonics, visual aid (such as flow charts) can be very helpful in cementing ideas into your head. If there’s information that you simply can’t wrap your head around, use a visual aid—such as a diagram—to understand it better.

Find Old Papers

If you can get your hands on old papers or samples of the test paper, devour them one after the other. This will not just prepare you in terms of the content of the exam, but you will also be able to time yourself better.

Take Breaks

Sitting down to study and not getting up for 8 hours straight is detrimental to both: your physical and mental health. This will have an adverse effect on you, making you exhausted to the point you might blank out before the exam.

Eat Healthy

With the nourishment of your mind, it’s also important to nourish your body. If you do feel like munching during the study process, avoid junk or fast food. Instead turn to fresh fruit, dry fruits, milk, etc. And we should not have to say this, but stay hydrated, fam.

Plan Ahead

Before setting out for the exam on the fateful day, plan everything in advance: from the route to the material you’re going to take. You shouldn’t be buying pencils on the way while you’re stuck in a terrible traffic jam. Go to bed early the night before the exam, arise early similarly, and have a proper breakfast before you leave. Always leave ahead of schedule so as to avoid any uncalled-for circumstances.

Take Relevant Classes

Ace your civil services exam by taking courses and sessions being offered by Civil Services Success. We’re dedicated to helping candidates score far more than the required 70% in order to secure a place for themselves in the forces. Contact us today.

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