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Things To Know About NYS Court Officer Physical Ability Test

Things To Know About NYS Court Officer Physical Ability Test

In order to be recruited as a NYS court officer, you need to take a physical ability test in the second phase of the recruitment procedure.

Here’s what you can expect from it:

  1. Push-up test: Your upper body strength and stamina is evaluated in the push-up test.Completingas many push ups as possible in one minute will be your task while maintain good form.


  1. Illinois agility run test:This test will require you to run across a short distance, about 60 yards while making sharp turns. Completing the run in the shortest span of time will increase your score. Also note you will begin the test by laying on the floor.


  1. Sit-up test:Your abdominal strength is assessed here. The test includes performing sit ups while laying on your back, with knees arched and feet together. Know that someone will be holding your feet down the entire time.


  1. Beep test:This is also a running test but for a longer distance. You are allotted a speed range to match or exceed and a lane to stay in. You must complete as many running intervals as possible.

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