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Top Tips for Acing a Situational Judgment Test

Top Tips for Acing a Situational Judgment Test

Each year, thousands of job seekers pay millions of dollars to appear for civil service exams in New York. Civil service positions are highly coveted, due to the attractive salary and benefits package they offer.

However, only a small percentage of people get selected for the next step of the hiring process. Many applicants lose out on the opportunity, as they are unable to pass the situational judgment test.

What Is A Situational Judgment Test?

The situational judgment test is a key component of civil service exams. It is used to observe how an individual reacts to a specific problematic situation and the course of action they think would be suitable.

What Does A Situational Judgment Test Involve?

A typical situational judgment test contains 25 scenarios, where the applicant is asked to choose the action they are most likely to take and the one they are least likely to take.

The answers reflect each applicant’s decision-making capabilities and their ability to interpret different situations. Many candidates fail this part of the civil service exam because they are unable to select the most effective solutions for a particular situation.

Pro Tips to Keep In Mind to Ace the Test

Here are some pro tips that will make clearing your next situational judgment test a breeze:

  1. The first and most important thing to do is to read the question carefully. Often, candidates misinterpret a situation because they missed a critical detail that could change the entire scenario. Also, read the instructions for what you need to do. Usually, there are two consecutive questions asking for two separate responses to the situation.
  1. Most situational judgment tests have been specifically designed to test responses, according to the job position you are applying for. Before answering the question, consider the job role you will play and the duties you will be asked to perform if you get that particular position. Use that information to predict what might be the best course of action for each scenario.

  1. Finally, your answers should reflect the ideologies and core values of the civil service department you are applying for. Different departments have different philosophies, and acceptable courses of action for tackling a particular problem. An answer that might be correct for the NYPD might not apply to the New York City Firefighting Department.Make sure you understand their way of approaching things and the techniques used by their employees before appearing for the situational judgment test.

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