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Understand the Recruitment Procedure for New York State Court Officers

Understand the Recruitment Procedure for New York State Court Officers

Becoming a Court Officer in the State of New York is one of the most prestigious positions of employment. As honorable as the profession is, it takes quite a bit of hard work and bureaucratic procedure to get there. Today, we’ll walk you through the court officers’ recruitment process in New York.

There are two parts to the recruitment procedure:

Phase 1

  • Candidates first have to apply for an exam opening on the government website. This year’s NYS court officer exam is being held statewide on the 29thof June. Make sure you prepare well for this exam because the opportunity comes by just once every 5 years! You can always register for our comprehensive exam preparation classes with us. We’ve been helping students pass civil service exams for nearly half a century!
  • Applicants who pass their exams will then be informed of the date, time and location of their screening test via email.  The screening includes a physical ability and vision test. Candidates will be required to bring a blank $75 money order to complete their fingerprint processing.
  • Make sure you eat a small meal an hour before the physical ability test and bring some snacks too, since you might be at the test center all day. Those candidates who wear glasses or contacts on the regular should bring them on testing day.

Phase 2

  • Candidates who successfully clear the physical ability and vision test will move onto the next round: the written psychological test and the background investigation check.
  • The investigations are pretty exhaustive. They’re carried out by members of the Applicant Verification and Compliance Unit (AVCU) and assess a candidate’s academic, employment, driving, military service and criminal records. The testing will take the form of an interview and candidates will be asked to provide documented proof of their records. Failure to comply or cooperate can get you disqualified!
  • Before heading to your background investigation interview, make sure you download, fill and printout all these forms. You’ll also be required to submit information on your earnings via the Social Security department. The form is available here.

Phase 3

  • The next step to becoming a court officer in New Yorkis to pass your psychological assessment. Candidates who have passed the written exam will be interviewed and evaluated by a licensed psychologist.

Phase 4

  • The final step to fulfilling your dream job is to sit through a medical examination. A licensed physician will be testing you on your visual, cardiovascular, pulmonary musculoskeletal systems among others.

Congratulations! If and when you clear all these procedures, you’re officially appointed as an NYS court officer. It’s indeed a long way coming but remember: the first step is to prepare well for the written exam. Increase your chances of success by signing up with Civil Service Success! Call now at (631) 218-0889 for more information.

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