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What to Expect During a Background Investigation for the New York State Court Officer Position

What to Expect During a Background Investigation for the New York State Court Officer Position

Hundreds and thousands of young and aspiring candidates apply for the New York State Court Officer position in each session, but only a handful make it past the written exam. Among these, the group of applicants is further reduced after they’re assessed on their physical ability and vision clarity traits.

The lucky few who’ve made it past the first phase of the screening test will then go through a comprehensive background check. Many candidates don’t even bother preparing for this part because it doesn’t seem like there’s anything to rehearse. However, knowing what the background check entails can significantly improve your chances of meeting the selection criteria.

What Happens During the Background Investigation?

A background investigation is a comprehensive review of the candidate’s credentials. This includes everything from your educational background to proofs of your employment, your driving, military service and any criminal records.

The court officer investigation is usually performed by an experienced investigator of the Applicant Verification & Compliance Unit (AVCU).

Each candidate will be assigned an investigator who will interview them and be responsible for any queries during the process.

Remember; you will be required to authorize the release of all your personal information from your schools, former employers and any organizations where you’ve worked. If there have been any changes in your status prior to the screening process, let the investigation officer know.

Your assigned investigator has the right to ask you to provide additional information. You are requested to cooperate with your investigator at all times because showing resistance and refusing to follow instructions can get you disqualified from the process.

Important Documents to Remember

You won’t be going into the investigation room empty-handed. You’ll be asked to present hard copies of several important documents. Make a list of the following and ensure you’ve got spare photocopies to go with them:

  • Download the forms listed on the New York State government website. Duly fill out the personal history questionnaire, the authorization form, New York Statesocial services and labor forms.
  • Take a printout of your statement of earnings from the Social Security Administration.
  • Take your birth certificate, social security card, academic degrees and transcripts, driver’s license and proof of your resident status in the State of New York.

Feel free to go through the New York State Courts website for more information!

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