Why Should You Opt For A Career In Civil Service?

Why Should You Opt For A Career In Civil Service?

The government plays an important role in citizens’ lives, and the only way it can run smoothly is by hiring competent individuals who are determined to make a difference. The government of the United States has around 2.1 million employees in different departments, including security, court office, sanitation, firefighting, science, finance, and more.

There are many opportunities and career choices out there, but civil service is still the dream of many people. Maybe because it symbolizes a major achievement, since passing the exam isn’t easy. People dream about becoming a civil service official because it has many benefits like employment stability, job diversity, and great incentives.

police officersDuring the pandemic, New York’s unemployment rate increased to 18.3% as 800,000 jobs were eliminated in the private sector, which is why a lot more people are considering civil service as a career option. Plus, everyone wants a safe and secure retirement plan which civil service jobs can assure.

Here are some of the benefits for which people prefer civil service jobs over anything.

Secure Job

Studies show that job satisfaction is directly proportional to job security. Everyone looks for a stable job and prefers it over other factors. In a private job, you always live in fear of getting laid off due to an economic crisis or company downsizing. On the other hand, the civil service system offers job security and stability. You can plan your future peacefully in terms of finances because there’s a lower chance of a government department getting closed.

Steady Income

One of the many things that matter when looking for a job is the salary. There’s a common misconception that private employees earn more compared to government employees. This perception is wrong because civil service employees have higher chances of earning around $100,000, more than most private employees’ annual salaries.

A civil service officer counting her salaryA civil service job is also appealing because of the stable income. Right now, civil service officials are paid an average of $71,842 per year. The government’s per hour wage rate is 6% higher than the private sector. An average initial income of a civil servant is $37,000

Job Diversity

Another advantage of choosing civil service is choosing jobs in various public sectors according to your interest. If you choose this, you may gain experience in various areas of the field, which allows you to grow and learn different aspects of work on your career path.

Safe Retirement

Who doesn’t want safe and peaceful retirement days when you can enjoy your life free from the worries of work and financial issues? Everyone does. Civil services jobs provide lifetime retirement plans to the employees. They provide a pension, social security, and Thrift Saving Plans (TSP). You can get retirement as early as 55, unlike the private sector.

Health Benefits

What else can you ask for if your employer is paying 75% premium of your medical insurance while you have to pay only 25%? This insurance will be continued even after your retirement. Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHB) provides retirees, government employees, and survivors with a wide range of medical plans. You can choose from Consumer-Driven to High Deductible plans according to your requirement.

Recruitment, Retention and Relocation Bonuses

Federal agencies offer recruitment, retention, and relocation bonuses to keep employees motivated. Some positions are hard to fill due to their location or nature of work. So, the employees recruited for those positions get 25% of their base pay in recruitment bonuses to keep morale high.

Besides that, the government gives a 25% relocation bonus to employees who relocate to fill positions in different areas. A pay retention allowance is for employees; if they move to a lower wage position in another department, this allowance will maintain their pay.

 Resume Higher Studies with Scholarship Opportunities

If you want to pursue further education, a civil service job will not become an obstacle. It will facilitate you in repayments of student loans as retention or recruitment incentive. For example, if you have a student loan of $60,000, the government will help you pay $10,000. These are the benefits that appeal to people to apply for civil service jobs.

Vacation Plans

Did you know that local and federal government staff gets more paid vacation and sick leave than a private sector employee?  On average, a public sector employee gets 1.5 years more paid leave in its tenure than a private employee. Holidays play an important role by keeping employees motivated and satisfied, reflecting their work performance and efficiency. The government also offers paid leave in case of the death of a family member, including parents, kids, spouse, siblings, etc.

Family enjoying the beach in vacationGovernment job offers

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, ten percent more federal government jobs will be offered in the coming years. It’s predicted that 250,000 more vacancies will be up in the federal government in the upcoming years.

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