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Working for the Government— the Pros and Cons of Being A Civil Service Worker

Working for the Government— the Pros and Cons of Being A Civil Service Worker

When we talk about government and civil service jobs, our mind immediately conjures up patriotic images of Unites States presidents, Lincoln Memorial, and The Statue of Liberty. While they are the very essence of what America is all about, these images don’t fully represent the day-today-functions of a typical civil service.

For the typical government employee, images of county jails, garbage trucks, and cramped cubicles are better representations. While it’s certainly not glamorous, working as a civil service worker has several amazing benefits, which makes them a coveted employment opportunity.

However, as with any other organization or corporation, working for the government also has some drawbacks.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of civil service positions to help you decide whether or not to apply for a position:

The Cons:

Rather than talking about the pros first, we want to talk about the worst aspects of working for the government.

  • Slow Salary Growth:Government employees don’t enjoy salary adjustments according to the shifts in the inflation rates. Merit raises are rare and are only limited to top performers in any department. For higher salary raises you’ll have to compete for vacant senior positions.
  • Bureaucracy and Control:Civil service workers often get frustrated by the amount of bureaucracy and the low level of control their position offers. Just as citizens get frustrated by the slow process of getting dozens of approvals before getting clearance for a particular matter, employees also have to wade through a lot of red tape before they can make big decisions.

The Pros:

The best aspects of working as a civil service worker include:

  • Stability: The best thing about working for the government is job security. Unlike private sector companies, government agencies never go out of business. So, a chance of getting downsized or your department getting closed and you losing the job are slim to none.
  • Flexibility and Time off:Government jobs tend to be a lot more flexible than their private sector counterparts. Civil service workers have a better work-life balance with the help of options such as telecommuting, alternative work schedules, and remote working facilities. Government employees also get a good number of holidays, leaves, and vacation time. Federal holidays also mean time off from work and so do some state and local government holidays.
  • Benefits:The amazing benefits offered to government employees are the main reason thousands of people apply for a civil service position. They usually exceed the benefit packages offered by private-sector corporations and include health insurance, retirement and vacation plans, as well as additional federal benefits.

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The benefits are clearly worth working for the government. The lifetime job security and competitive salary packages are something every person is looking for when entering the job market.

However, because of the level of competitiveness, it can be difficult to secure a position as a civil service worker without some additional help.

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